girl holding united way sign in front of playground


United Ways of Maine work closely with our community partners to address emerging issues.

Our Advocacy Priority: Early Childhood
UWME have selected early childhood as our top priority for our community impact work. To achieve meaningful community-wide impact in the area of early childhood, UWME employs multiple strategies, including advancing sound public policy and engaging in advocacy. Specifically, the following policies have been identified as collective priorities:

  1. Increase high-quality child care and pre-kindergarten programs.
  2. Increase parent support, engagement, and education through research-based home visiting programs.
  3. Maintain support for Fund for a Healthy Maine.
  4. Promote a statewide kindergarten screening tool and process.

United Way of Southern Maine
Facilitates a task force on food insecurity in Cumberland and York County, increasing awareness and working with agencies to increase food security in the area.

United Way of Mid Coast Maine
Success By 6: Early Childhood Council ensures all area children are getting the best possible start in life, with the support of their families and the whole community.

United Way of the Tri-Valley Area
Convenes the Energy Resource Team to collaboratively build an infrastructure to keep people warm and safe during Maine’s harsh winters.